United Nations

'Camp One Planet' Global Experiential Pop-Up

The United Nations Head Quarters, New York

What We Did:
The UN invited Lester to host an 8-day event that brought their Camp One Planet mission to life, in an experiential way. The Camp One project is all about sustainable production and consumption, with attendees ranging from the top leaders calling the big shots, to members of the public. There was a litany of information to impart; and we worked with the UN to determine how best to share it. Camp One Planet has 6 key initiatives; so we created a giant tree to represent each, and brought them to life with an array of captivating, interactive and eco-friendly experiences; including exquisite VR footage that the UN had produced.

Why It Rocked:
This event has to be astounding and inspiring, while also doing the right thing by the planet. We had to be resourceful and creative; so we sourced sustainable, recycled and upcycled materials and only worked with vendors who did no harm. At every juncture, we asked ‘Is this method or material eco-friendly?’. The hard work was worth it. We used recycled materials to build animal cut-out props, falconboard to make life-size trees, seating from reusable wooden pallets and made a giant campfire from a glorious mish-mash of upcycled materials. To make this happen, our savvy team pulled garbage from recycling bins and then got creative: crumpled up newspapers became rocks, cut up soda cans became flowers and a mosaic of plastic bottle carriers formed the giant logo for the photo op. At each turn, guests looked a little closer to see the beauty and creativity involved in an eco-friendly world.

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