GQ Top 10 Essentials

GQ 10 Essentials Digital Series, Season 2

Milk Studios. Meatpacking District, New York.

What We Did:
To celebrate season 2 of GQ’s Essential Digital Series, thirteen of the most stylish guys around were asked what 10 items they couldn’t live without. From Big Boi to Nate Berkus, to Marcus Samueless, we got the skinny on men’s essentials from men in the know. For this GQ original, we were in charge of styling the whole set, including the backdrop.

Why It Rocked:
Details mattered more than ever. Our team went on a treasure hunt to make sure everything was perfect. We found the right chair for our stars to sit in, the right tables to display their product and of course, the products themselves. All 130 of them! The season was a huge hit, and our team learnt a lot about style that we never even considered! Like wearing socks while you have sex (thanks BigBoi), or Tiger Balm as the ultimate cure all – except on your penis (thanks Aasif Mandvi) or making coffee from a Francis Espresso maker and drinking it coffee from a ‘Sean Patrick Flanery’ coffee cup (thanks Norman Reedus). Our team is forever indebted to your for sharing these pearls of wisdom.

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