Stella Artois at Cannes Film Festival

Stella Artois at Cannes Film Festival, Digital Series

Cannes, France.

What We Did:
Stella Artois, the official sponsor of the Cannes Film Festival, wanted to create their own digital series with live coverage from the Red Carpet. To make sure they stood out, we celebrated fictional character Jacques D’Azur. The smooth and sophisticated Jacques would interview stars on the carpet, and also in a custom studio lounge - and that's where we stepped in. We designed and created a broadcast lounge that brought Jacques D’Azur to life in all of his mid-century modern style glory. Over the course of 10 days, Jacques interviewed Rosario Dawson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Laura Dern and more from his parlor of perfection.

Why It Rocked:
To truly nail the essence of Jacques, our team scoured the streets (and prop shops) of Paris and brought these classic pieces to Jacques’s broadcast lounge in Cannes. The result was a complete transformation of the space, as well as insanely instagrammable pictures for Stella’s digital marketing team!

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