Ralph Lauren – Romance Dallas

Beyond Romance Fragrance Launch Event (Dallas)

The Joule Hotel. Dallas, Texas

What We Did:
We partnered with Ralph Lauren to help launch their new Beyond Romance perfume by creating two press-worthy events back-to-back in Miami and Dallas. This heritage brand needed something that felt both edgy and contemporary, classic and pristine, with an event that appealed to both millennials plus gen X all the while keeping the classic, luxe feel that RL is famous for. So we went for a soft-kissed feel and decked the entire space in pink, with lush pink florals, pink pillows, pink neon hearts, a custom-built perfume bar and custom 5 foot podiums that flaunted the perfumes in regal glass cases. A subtle but high impact detail was designing the cases in equal proportions of glass case and pedestal. Guests were greeted with pink champagne and a rose pink cocktails and treated to delicious food while they soaked up the soft ambiance of our perfect Miami night. And then came the signage; we had a custom neon ‘Live Beyond, Go Beyond, Love Beyond’ sign adorned in flowers and the RL logo projected into a pool. We even created a mashup of the brand campaign and projected it onto the building. We dare say, it was one elegant, elevated affair.

Why It Rocked:
Problem-solving is in our DNA. And while we were completely obsessed with our amazing venue, a few of their decor decisions were lackluster (their carpet choice was BAD). We pride ourselves in our vision of transforming space and knowing exactly where to make decisions that may seem small but provide major impact. We decided it was essential to re-carpet the venue and it utterly transformed the space and lifted the tone of the evening. (And fun fact - the venue loved it so much, they decided to keep it!)

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