Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk POA National Sales Meeting

The Venetian, Las Vegas

What We Did:
Novo Nordisk is on a mission to defeat diabetes. We partnered with them to create a mammoth activation that we called Novo Way; a next-level sales conference to share their latest and greatest innovations and intel with their teams and sales reps. It was mammoth in every sense; a 3-day affair, part of a multi-million-dollar event and our huge 120-foot branded activation! Pulling off something this mammoth required great strategy, tenacity and problem-solving. Companies this big tend to have complex brand hierarchy, messaging and legalities. So, we worked with their teams to determine exactly what needed to be communicated and brought it to life in a captivating way; and then found ways to measure our impact.

To track ROI, we created a custom branded passport that we gave to all guests and invited them to collect stamps for engaging in all Novo Way had to offer. We offered swag for participation, which our guests loved (and we loved as it gave us a simple way to track engagement).

Why It Rocked:
This was our one chance to educate internal teams and sales reps on what was coming in in 2020…it has to be dazzling, elevated and sleek. To drive maximum ROI and impact, we decided to create one stand out activation, accompanied by 5 smaller ones (instead of 6 mini ones, as originally proposed). Each different activation has its own design that all laddered up to a cohesive and powerful brand identity. Some of our favorite elements included:

- A Pharmacy set and a Doctor’s Office set where employees could engage and ask questions in a realistic, yet informal setting.
- A Digital Realities booth where we partnered with an award-winning company, Onslot, to create both Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. They were immersive, educational and thrilling and gave employees the chance to truly absorb the information in a way they would never forget.
- A confessional booth setup where guests could ask questions, pay compliments, express concerns and any ideas that Novo Way had inspired.

In typical Lester fashion, everything was custom built and designed, from the glowing podiums to a red and blue crosses cut out and reflected at the Doctor and Pharmacy stations. We went heavy on the details like faux doctor’s notes, beakers full of colored potions, red and white doctor’s office props that created the atmosphere while keeping the feel sleek and the future-feel pharmacy, decked with branded lip balms, sanitizer, tissues, and blue and white candy. It’s no surprise Novo Nordisk wanted to keep everything we made! Every visual feast needs to be supported by incredible booth staff, who we carefully selected and worked with to ensure they had the right level on enthusiasm, warmth and gravitas. They needed to not only make our guests feel excited to engaged, but also able to communicated complex issues effectively.

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