this is Honest Diaper Event

Who: The Honest Company
What: Honest Diapers 'Mommy & Me' Rebrand Press Event
Where: Private Residence, Brentwood Los Angeles
What We Did:
To help The Honest Company launch their new high-performing and eco-friendly diapers (made with plant-derived and sustainable materials, impressive stuff right?!), we hosted the party of mama-influencers and their babes dreams. We took over a jaw-dropping mansion in the LA hills, and decked it out with luscious florals, geronimo-inspired stylized balloons adorning trees & archways, farm-to-table food and craft cocktails. The event was a visual feast, done with class and subtlety to create an organic and welcoming branded experience. To make the product pop, we had a step-and-repeat wall with framed diapers, that displayed the irresistible designs from The Honest Company’s archives which served as the event backdrop. And of course we had a cute-as-a-button change station, where mamas could try out the next-generation diapers.
Why It Rocked:

To ensure the mamas could properly interact with the product and enjoy themselves, we had certified baby-sitters, an adult zone with plush furniture nestled in a secret garden and even captivating entertainment stations for the kids. We’re talking a 6-foot giraffe toys, balloon artists, groove zones with kid’s musicians, a water park with huge rainbow sprinklers, bubble machines and games galore. We even had stations designed to bring the diaper’s features to life, like ‘All The Feels’. This feature is all about softness and touch, so we created a plush petting zoo with real bunnies to pet.

Doing the right thing is close to Lester’s heart. So guests were invited (and encouraged) to bring any donations for babies and children, then, alongside all the decorations and settings from the event, we donated them to the organization Baby2Baby. An organization very close to Jessica & Honest Co.


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