Covergirl (Drag Brunch)

Exhibitionist Brunch Influencer & Media Event

Manhattan, New York

What We Did:
To help Covergirl launch its kickass Exhibitionist Mascara, Covergirl wanted to do something extraordinary and memorable, and most importantly, show their support and love for the LGBTQ community. So we invited influencers to a brunch party with a twist… a Drag Queen Show twist! To kick things off, we built a stage with a silver, sparkling backdrop, neon signs and poppy Covergirl lettering. We then handpicked the talent and helped them nail their sets: from song choices, to vibe, to outfits that we custom-made to match the Covergirl color palette. Then we got to work adding all the usual Lester magic to things we do: delicious food, incredible details, signature photo moments and gift-bags that make you green with envy.

Why It Rocked:
Razzle, dazzle glamor was the name of the game, so we went large with sparkles, glitter and pizzaz. And we mean large! We had glasses rimmed with sparkles and filled with cotton candy, deep platters filled with glitter-pills, fat bricks of gemstones scattered all over the bar, lip-shaped mirror platters and gift bags so sparkly they were blinding. And then came the product! We put the Mascara on rotating mirror-towers and other Covergirl products on glowing, rotating Rubix-cube-inspired trays. It was the most fun ever had at 11am on a weekday! And people took notice. Media, influencers, engagement, coverage, posts… we lapped up the lot of it!

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