this is Conair (Hair Tool)

Who: Conair
What: Beauty in Motion by Conair Wireless Hair Tool Launch Event
Where: White Space Chelsea, New York
What We Did:
To help Conair launch it’s Unbound curling iron (and between you and me, this cord-free product is a BIG deal), we hosted a launch event for beauty stylists and influencers. At the 2-hour affair, guests experienced the epic magic of Unbound, while enjoying a live DJ set, delicious appetizers and a signature cocktail. The event had a playful theme, with staff in corduroy overalls and lollipop-inspired product stations, painted in the poppy brand colors of pink, mint and lilac. We went brand-color crazy (we couldn't resist!) with a mint green bicycle, a mint green wall stripe that spilled onto the floor, a white circle sofa stacked with mint pillows, a forest of mint paper cactus plants and a monochrome balloon installation. We hit all the right notes, with huge press and influencer turnout including our celebrity talent, actress Madeleine Petsch (of Gen Z’s fave show….Riverdale!) and celebrity hair stylist Marc Mena.
Why It Rocked:

To complement the round shape of the Unbound curling iron, we found a round space, complete with round archways and windows. We then replicated this circular shape in all design elements, from the curved bar (wrapped in lilac vinyl of course!), to the semi-circle stage with an arched backdrop to the pink circle floor vinyl, layered with pink circle rugs. To top it all off, we gave guests a branded dust-bag that they adorned with personalized patches, at the curved customization counter. We made a memorable splash on social media with millions of impressions and in the press with tons of coverage. Hooray.

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