Fashion Week, Carrera Showroom

Safilo (Carrera) Headquarters. Midtown, New York.

What We Did:
Fashion week is a fast, furious and fun whirlwind of a week. Buyers are up all day and night, working, partying, playing and doing it all over again. But during the day, they’re taking meetings, squaring away deals and making the real magic happen. To help protect their sanity, we teamed up with Carrera to turn the Buyers Meetings into an experience of their own. Instead of a boring boardroom, we gave buyers a taste of the Carrera brand stands for: carefree living and a travel, even at work.

Why It Rocked:
We got rid of everything in the room and designed a custom wall with shelves that beautifully displayed the products, alongside a large custom window bench and sill. Not one detail was spared! We brought in old road maps, water canisters, plants, street signs, blankets, bicycles with wicker baskets, mismatched chairs, a large wooden conference table, bochi ball, surf boards, inspirational signage and even a VESPA! That holiday feeling reigned supreme. With a drink in hand, our buyers didn’t want to leave, and managed to recuperate amidst all the Fashion Week mayhem.

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