Burger King Satisfies Stunt

Satisfries Experiential Stunt

Meatpacking District, New York. Hollywood, Los Angeles. Downtown, Chicago.

What We Did:
Burger King’s new low-fat french fries, Satisfries, launched with a traditional broadcast campaign using agency Mother New York, but needed an experiential twist to make it pop. We worked with them to produce giant 8-foot boxes of French fries, and stuck them all over 3 major cities - New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The supersized Satisfries were unbranded, accompanied only by the mysterious hashtag #WTFF - aka What The French Fry. The giant fries made a giant splash on social media, with speculators wondering what it was all about.

Why It Rocked:
On the third day, we put an end to the suspense and branded the boxes with the Burger King logo. We had cunningly anticipated that curious spectators would steal the giant fries...and steal them they did! Each night, we replenished the looted stash and tracked the stolen fries and watched them appear up all over the city. Now that’s engagement!

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