this is Annenberg – Cuba Is

Who: The Annenberg Foundation
What: 'Cuba Is' Exhibition Opening Night Party
Where: Annenberg Space for Photography, Los Angles
What We Did:
LESTER had the good fortune of teaming up with The Annenberg Foundation to kickoff Opening Night at the Annenberg Space for Photography, launching the ‘Cuba Is’. This stunning exhibit featured over 120 photos that challenge historical preconceptions of Cuba…. And they needed a space that would be just as eye opening!

Why It Rocked:

Using the seductive powers of all-things Cuban, an abundance of flowers, luscious greenery, and fun and unexpected festooning, we transformed a concrete plaza into an enchanting and fabulously immersive, Cuban-Inspired experience. We took our flower game to the next level with exquisite urns full of Cuban botanicals, a beautiful archway dripping in floral fancies and a fountain brimming with stunning stems. To top it all off, we designed a virtual reality experience that allowed party revelers to dive inside the dynamic music scene in Cuba, while virtually strolling through majestic Malecón.


The ‘this is LESTER’ team are artists first. Creativity is our lifeblood. We’re fueled by a cocktail of inspiration, imagination and audacity. We take time to understand your brand or client, the message and mission and find experiential ways to give that meaning and impact in the real world.

this is Dreaming

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