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The Summer 2018 Event Trends you Don’t Want to Miss


The interior design of an event is the first impression that guests get  of a brand when they walk in. So we want to nail it.

Filling a room with assorted décor (you know- party streamers, balloons and paper plates) just isn’t going to cut it in 2018! An event can only be made perfect by an equally perfect design concept, which expresses the personality or message of a brand in a cohesive and flawless way.

We love coming up with innovative and badass concepts, and are savvy at understanding, predicting, and creating new design trends. If you want to be in the loop on upcoming event trends, check out our pick of the hottest styles that are going to be popping up everywhere this summer.


It’s all about the #tb

Grab your flares for this one as we’re throwing it back. It’s as if the Bee Gees knew ‘70s trends would be stayin alive, as retro décor is back this summer- bigger, better and more vibrant than ever.

Think bold prints, structural glass, and an abundance of velvet. The electric aesthetics of the ‘80s are also energetically bursting onto the scene, and we’re here for this retro revival! 2018 isn’t just a copycat of decades past: It’s all about a fresh take, and spicing up vintage eras with a modern flair, so expect the unexpected.


2018’s bold color code

The past few years have been dominated by neutral colors: In 2016 Pantone named Rose Quartz and Serenity as its Color(s) of the Year, and we all saw millennial pink dominating fashion, restaurants…and all of our Insta feeds.

Well that’s all a-changing this summer, as our favorite bright colors are back in the game. Event design is going BOLD, and we’re forgoing creamy pastels for warm ‘70s and vivid ‘80s tones. Gold is (rightfully) regaining its crown as the color of the season, and we’re seeing it mixed with bold purples, warm yellows and bright oranges for an iconic, luxurious look.


Think non-traditional spaces

Finally we get to say goodbye to conventional conference rooms, and hello to unique, intimate venues. This summer we’re thinking outside the box/building, as unconventional spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Try an al fresco poolside celebration or sunlit after-party to exude effortless glamour, and make your event a truly memorable experience.

We are thrilled with the sudden excitement over exclusive, sensational locations. We’ve worked in some fantastic venues, including 30 Rockefeller Plaza, where we designed and produced an action-packed day to get people excited for the NBC Locals Only Campaign.

It was epic, and we really appreciated being able to personalize and transform such classic architecture with over 500 feet of hand-drawn cityscapes. The event garnered a lot of positive interest, and the stunning venue could not have been more perfect for creating an unforgettable experience.


Think all things techy

We love interweaving technological installations into our brand experiences, and the event world seems to agree. With event tech becoming more reasonably priced (yay!), expect to see a steady rise of gadgets and gizmos at events.

While drones are nothing new, they’ve rightfully earned their spot at summer soirees. With new advanced controls and an impressive quality capture service, they’re great for event documentation, and getting stunning aerial shots.

The other hot trend is Artificial Intelligence. AI has been hyped up for years, but it’s only really starting to have its moment. We can’t promise robot bartenders, but more brands are using Chatbots to speedily answer attendee questions, both during the event, and before it on apps like Facebook Messenger. Nearly all of us already use Siri or Amazon Echo, so this seems like a natural step.


And finally, the most unusual trend of the season…


When goat yoga burst onto the scene as the most adorable fitness fad ever, we had no idea what was in store. Our beloved household pets are now getting a taste of experiential action, as people are being encouraged to bring their pets to parties, and even festivals.

We’ve all heard of dog and cat cafes – where you can enjoy a coffee while basking in the company of furry friends – but next time you attend an event, it’s worth checking to see if your four-legged companion is also on the guest list.

As much as we love event industry trends, they never control us. Here at this is LESTER, we are creators, and we’re constantly pioneering new and spectacular ways to showcase your brand. If you need creative direction, our LA and NY teams are innovative geniuses and custom fabrication whizzes. We’d love to bring your fantastical event and campaign ideas to life, so get in contact- all of our deets are here.



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