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Macro vs Micro Influencers: Who’s right for your brand?


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When it comes to influencer marketing, we love collaborating with huge social media influencers to create fantastically OTT campaigns. However, while it’s great to think big, it’s also important to think a little smaller sometimes too!

Working with micro influencers offers an exciting, authentic, and rewarding way to promote your brand or product and take your marketing campaigns to the next level. If you’re torn between micro or macro, we’ve outlined the basics of each to make your decision a little easier.

Micro influencers:

Rather than Hollywood heartthrobs or pop sensations, micro influencers can be anyone with an online following. They’re the people you know, that have often gained clout through a good eye for photography and a unique style or personal brand. While there’s no specific numbers that define micro influencers, they usually have somewhere between 10,000 to 90,000 followers.

Macro influencers:

Macro influencers are a more traditional type of celebrity, who have a face – and a brand – positioned in front of millions of people. Macro influencers are usually asked first hand by brands to feature their products or services on their social media profiles.

What are the benefits of micro influencer collaborations?

#1 They’re authentic

Micro influencers have earned the respect and trust of their followers. This means that when they promote a product or brand online, it’s easy to believe that they genuinely buy those products and actually love the brand.

#2 They’re less expensive

Fun fact: the Kardashians earn 25% of their income through endorsements – that’s some serious bucks. While these huge collaborations are often worth every penny for brands, it’s a serious initial investment.

On the contrary, collaborating with a micro influencer costs a brand an average of $200 per post. This means you can get more out of many single posts, rather than blowing the budget on one expensive macro post.

#3 They’re easy to execute

As you can imagine, macro influencers receive hundreds of endorsement requests, meaning they usually have to go through numerous PR agencies and managers. With smaller influencers, it’s easy to message them directly, get straight to the point, and work on building a personal relationship with them.

#4 They deliver higher engagement

Micro influencers earn higher engagement than macro influencers. Ok, so it’s only marginally (0.10%), but their relatable content makes means they form personal relationships with their followers, making them a great option for brands trying to target a niche audience.

What are the benefits of macro influencer collaborations?

#1 Brands have more control

With a micro campaign, brands can choose their ideal celeb collab, and can give them precise instructions on what to post.

#2 They’re easy to measure

With macro influencer endorsements, the outcome is much easier to predict. Brands can set up a unique offer code for the influencer to post in their caption. This will make it easier to define the ROI, as brands can track how many times the code was used to determine an exact number of sales to come from each post.

#3 They reach more people

Macro influencers offer an unparalleled platform for you to get your message out there instantly to millions of people – now that’s brand awareness! With one single post you can promote your event, product or inspirational message to the world.

At the end of the day, every campaign and collab is different. So long as you keep it authentic and engaging, there’s very little that can go wrong. If you need any help finding a totally kickass influencer to join forces with, let us know! Here at this is LESTER we’ve worked with some amazing influencers – big and small – and would love to set you up with your perfect match.


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