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The Power of Pop-Up Stores


2017 was a strong year for pop-up stores. Kendrick Lamar was doing it. Kylie Jenner was doing it. And many other savvy individuals were taking their brands to the streets of America to tap into a new genre of consumer engagement. But that was last year. Since then, temporary pop-ups have become more popular than ever before. Hold onto your wigs, because the pop-up industry is now worth over $50 billion- yes, that’s with a b!!

From temporary in-store installations to stand alone kiosks, it’s safe to say that pop-ups are more than just a fad. And it’s easy to see why. They spark an open dialogue between your brand and your consumer, and transform retail transactions into engaging customer experiences. Despite being temporary in nature, here’s why they’re sticking around for good.

They create a buzz. Offline.

Ok, while camping out for 48 hours to secure the latest Yeezy’s may seem a little intense, there’s a reason people are willing to go to such extremes for new releases.

In one word? Exclusivity.

People like to feel like pioneers, setting the pace for new trends and technologies. And pop-up stores tap into this sense of urgency. Unlike online, where consumers can create and come back to a ‘wish list’ of items that tempt them for months, pop-ups offer no such luxury. Customers are well aware that items won’t be around forever, meaning they’re eager to purchase them right away.

Pop-ups are also an awesome way to get a little experimental. They serve as the perfect place to demo products, test out a new stream of revenue, and big up new releases. And with a few funky live demos and alluring free samples, they allow all of this while generating memorable, exciting engagements for your customer. 

What better way to sell yourself?

Consumers are hungry for tangible brand experiences in our digitally fragmented world- and who can blame them?! A pop-up store is the best way to show that you’re an interesting brand with a lil bit of spice. By sparking an open dialogue outside of the digital realm, you can disrupt the status-quo of the consumer-brand relationship.

The store front is a piece of marketing in itself. People will have walked past the spot you choose everyday, so what are you going to do to make them stop? Untraditional is completely in line with pop-up culture, so when you start designing, think creatively, think boldly, and think passionately.

They’re a safe venture

It may sound like music to your ears when we say that pop-up stores have very little financial risk (cue the celebrations!!). You only need to obtain a short-term lease for a month or two, and if you don’t quite get the results you were aiming for in that time, then it’s easy to move onto the next challenge.

With a bit of pre-planning, you can launch your store alongside a popular event or holiday that you know appeals to your target demographic.

We’ve seen pop-up stores in trailers, abandoned warehouses, or even al fresco on the streets of NYC. If you can’t nail down a single location – take inspiration from food trucks and go mobile! This will give you virtually unlimited flexibility to maximize your revenue and get your product out to as many people as possible.

So long as you deliver a unique and enticing pop-up experience, there’s very little that can go wrong. At this is LESTER, we’re a creative bunch that love the unlimited potential of the pop-up venue. Whether it’s a humble food truck or an industrial warehouse, we’ll get to work transforming blank canvases into pieces of art that pack a punch! We’d love to connect with you and show you what we’re all about – you can find all of our contact details here.

Brand Experiences: Why Bother?

From global experiential marketing campaigns, to intimate, exclusive affairs, experiential is everywhere. And we’re over the moon that everyone is suddenly catching on to the best marketing strategy around.

Besides allowing us to satisfy our insatiable creative cravings, the brand experience delivers an excellent and long-term Return on Investment. Here’s why brand experiences matter, and why they deserve the hype they’re getting.

You can create a cohesive brand image

Consumers are smart. They’re freethinkers. So hiding behind a computer screen telling them how great a brand is just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you need to show them.

A brand’s reputation is defined by the positive and negative experiences of customers at every touch point. Which means that every single touchpoint matters.

Contrary to the old (and wise!) “don’t judge a book by its cover” phrase, your company is scrutinized from cover to cover everyday. It’s important to match a flawless real-life service with a brand’s online excellence to create a cohesive, positive image of a brand. If there’s a disconnect between the advertised message and the consumer’s actual experience, then it’s game over.

You’ll create a genuine customer-brand bond, that will greatly leverage your brand

We’re all driven by experiences – from great ones, to ones that still make us cringe to this day. We use experiences to help us determine our favourite people, restaurants, cities – and brands. In fact, consumers today value experiences over material possessions (and rightly so!).

By creating enriching, memorable consumer-brand interactions that your consumers can capture and share, you’ll nail the customer experience, and prove that you’re a brand that just gets it.

FYI, remember that every new positive interaction changes the way people think. It’s never too late to improve a brand experience!

And, you’ll garner great long-term ROI

We know that planning and executing a successful brand experience is not a cheap venture, but it’s worth every penny. Brand experiences blow traditional advertising channels out of the water- and deliver the greatest long-term ROI.

After an experience, 98% of consumers are more inclined to buy your product or use your services, and 65% of marketers see a direct sales boost from experiential marketing. And they’re the kind of figures we can get behind!

While these experiences usually only involve a few hundred or thousand people, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

If you give guests something worth talking about, they’ll share their experience with an average of 17 people. These people then tell another 1.5, and the snowballing continues. This organic promotion is completely free (yay!), and the most rewarding and valuable adverting medium, as consumers trust their friends.

Getting that mega brand recognition doesn’t happen overnight. A kickass brand experience takes a lot of meticulous planning. But sweating the small stuff is what we do! Here at this is LESTER, we honour our creativity every step of the way, and design killer experiences that garner great long-term results. Drop us an email or give us a bell for anything experiential- we’d love to get started on something great!

How to Get Started with Experiential Marketing Campaigns


Brand events and other work related dos have got something of a bad rep. You know the ones we’re talking about – stuffy conference rooms, name badges, and a weird mix of cheese and pineapple canapés!

Well, the days of awkward event small talk are over!! Experiential marketing is blowing up right now, and it can be your most powerful tool to transform your events or marketing campaigns from nada to Prada. Done well, you can create the most badass, creative experience for your audience that will completely bowl them over and increase their affinity to your brand. Win win, right?

We’re not claiming that the following pearls of wisdom are going to magically transform you into an experiential design guru. Nevertheless, there are a few basics you can, nay, SHOULD, learn before you dive into creating an immersive and unforgettable brand experience.

#1 What’s the point?

If you’ve pulled your hair out trying to put an event or campaign together chances are you started out without identifying a clear goal. We know experiential design is having a moment, but jumping on the bandwagon just to blend in could seriously backfire or at least cost you a pretty penny and not give you a lot in return.

Instead, develop a strategy and have a clear vision in your mind. Sit yourself down and ask what you hope to achieve, and the lasting impact you want this experience to have. Nailing down the prime objective will help you in deciding how best to promote your product, service or brand.

As an example, if your goal is to prove how comfortable your new super amazing bowling shoe is, then giving people a chance to try the shoe seems like a logical way to showcase this benefit. Perhaps a pop-up bowling lane at a popular sporting event where people can try the shoe for themselves.

Alternatively, if the goal is to convince people your bowling shoe is indestructible – perhaps a demonstration with fire may be more appropriate.

Once you have a concept and core message, the rest of the glitz and glamour can follow.


#2 Don’t be afraid to get creative

You definitely want your brand experience to be a stand out event. So don’t hesitate to get a little crazy.

For our project with Task Rabbit, an online marketplace for handymen services, we built a tiny home in 72 hours right in the middle of New York’s Meatpacking District. It was disruptive, informative and generated a lot of positive interest. Including some fabulous free publicity from awesome publications like CNN Money and inhabitat. In the end our beautiful tiny home was auctioned off raising $26K for charity.

This entirely unique project was a huge success and showcased Task Rabbit’s offerings perfectly while building brand awareness and interest. A little creativity can go a long way so try to think outside the box.


#3 Get techy with it

The physical and digital worlds are no longer mutually exclusive – don’t we live in amazing times?? Technological installations are a great way to fully immerse your guests in the experience you’ve created, and captivate all of their senses.

We honestly live for augmented and virtual reality experiences. They’re really cool and deliver high emotional engagement, which means they’re pretty great for creating memorable brand experiences. You can decide how intrusive you want these to be at your event: go low-key with a VR game in the corner, or take note from Rihanna’s recent Savage X Fenty launch and go full on extra with holographic installations of yourself all over the venue – we won’t judge.


#4 Spread the love

The most realistic and immersive experiences get the greatest emotional response, so give your guests a valuable takeaway and create an overwhelmingly positive lasting impression.

We’re not saying make it so emotional that they start weeping, but if they leave feeling their lives have been enriched in some way, you will have improved their connection with your brand and got yourself some loyal supporters. Pay attention to every little detail so your attendees have a smooth and untarnished experience.


#5 Trust the Pros

This might all sound like a lot. But, in the famous words of the king of pop MJ, “You are not alone”. Here at this is LESTER, our teams in LA and New York are experiential marketing masterminds. We specialize in creating unforgettable, extraordinary design concepts and branded experiences, and can help turn your simple ideas into jaw-dropping events and creations. If you’re ready to get creative, inspired, and maybe a lil wild, we would LOVE to hear from you. You can also check out some of our previous work here.


We are a team of artists first. Creativity is our lifeblood. We use our propirary tried and true turn-key production practices paired with unparalleled unique creative solutions. 

We partner with you to design & create incredible artistic experiences that get noticed – and shared!  Think of us an extension of your team. We’ll ride alongside to bring your wildest creative ideas to life. Our work has proven to garner tremendous engagement. 

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