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How to Find the Perfect NYC Event Space

The Met Gala, the 2018 GRAMMY Awards, and Times Square New Years Eve: All iconic events in their own right known for their decadence, A-list guest-list, and, most importantly, outrageous venues. If you want your brand experience to be equally fantastic (and who says it can’t?!), you’ll need to find an equally impressive event space.

In New York, we are spoilt for choice. We love NYC’s unbeatable skyline, and are forever conjuring up new, unforgettable ways to transform such stunning architecture. However, unless you’re completely in the know, finding THE perfect venue can be a chore. Here’s what we always consider (and you should too!) before locking down the hottest spots.

Why does it matter?

Whether it’s a black-tie affair, campaign launch, or sultry, raucous afterparty, finding the perfect location elevates an event from great to incredible.

Finding a distinctive and exceptional event space shows you appreciate all the support for your brand, and want to do something to repay the favour. Marketing, spatial design and custom fabrication can only come after the venue is booked, so we recommend getting ahead and looking around ASAP (no pressure).

Whereabouts should you look?

Location is key! And as much as a remote island in the Mediterranean sounds appealing, you need to pick somewhere that’s easily accessible to your guests.

Unfortunately, if you’re throwing a celebration in the middle of NYC you’ll need to consider a dreaded reality…traffic. We’d never want you to have to cancel a guest speaker because they’re stuck across town, and that’s why we recommend being as meticulous as possible with your planning.

In 2012, we created a global media event to celebrate Cedella Marley teaming up with Puma to design her first clothing line for the Jamaican Olympic Team. With many outstanding venues in the running, we knew we needed a central location to accommodate our guests busy with Fashion Week (like Vogue Paris, Vogue Milan, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, W).

The venue we chose was stark white, but it’s location made it the perfect spot, and we quickly Jamaica-fied it with wayfinding decals and graffiti-style creative instalments to create something spectacular.

While it was easy to transform a Manhattan venue into a Jamaican haven, it would have been impossible to physically move it. Had we gone with a venue further afield, many of our guests would have missed out on our Jamaican celebration, so make sure to prioritize location, and make it as easy as possible for guests to attend.

Consider capacity

No artist wants their highly anticipated exhibition ruined by overcrowding and general chaos, right? Not only will this ruin the vibe, but it will also breach some serious fire and safety codes.

When choosing your location, you’ll need to consider the size and layout to make sure you can fill it up just right. Walk around your faves with this handy checklist, and try and mentally map out your event as you go:

Make sure to also request illustrated floor plans from the get-go, as this will make it so much easier when it comes to designing installations later on.

Make sure it’s got that WOW factor

We’re not saying every event must be held in a French Renaissance castle (although there’s an idea), but you do want your event space to give off a certain je ne sais quoi.

We understand how important it is to stay on brand, so look at the existing décor of potential venues to see if they match with your own brand’s image or message. The less the ambiance matches the desired feel of your event, the more you’ll have to transform it.

Ultimately, only you know when the venue is right for you. Here at this is LESTER, we love to meet and exceed expectations, and we’re bursting with unconventional, fantastic ways to re-invent traditional event spaces with insane décor and installations.  We pay attention to every single detail of an event to create seamless, spectacular experiences that are unique to you. If you have any queries about booking an event space here in our fabulous city, or would like advice on how to create the venue of your dreams, give us a bell, or drop into our NY office on 243 5th Ave for a chat- the coffee is on us!


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