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Sustainable Chic: How to Make Your Next Event Eco-Friendly


Being eco-friendly goes hand in hand with being creative – who knew, right? That’s why when we create events, we strive to leave an everlasting positive impact, both on people and on the world. Our teams in LA and NYC are not afraid to channel their creativity to find new ways to practice sustainability. If you’re feeling inspired to go green at your next brand experience, here are 7 easy ways to increase your positive impact on the planet.

#1 Choose you location wisely

Everything we do has an impact on our surroundings. And a night of cocktails, culture and good company can leave a pretty big carbon footprint. An easy way to make your event more eco-friendly is to host it in the great outdoors. Not only will this reduce your energy usage, but the luscious greenery can double up as a perfect enchanting backdrop.


#2 Use sustainable supplies

Creativity is our lifeblood, so we get off on the chance to recycle and revamp old items, and give them a signature this is LESTER twist! Whether it’s giveaways made from recycled material or repurposed vintage furniture, be innovative and inventive to reduce your waste.


#3 Think green, be green

We have the good fortune of being able to collaborate with many fabulous creators, talented artists and empowering individuals. An easy way to make your events eco-friendly is by teaming up with local businesses and socially responsible companies that share a similar goal and mindset.


#4 Paperless all the way

While we love old-school invites in the mail, digital promotion is still the best way to get your message out there. By sending out emails stuffed with relevant information – as well as your event agenda – you can reduce your carbon footprint while keeping everyone in the loop.


#5 Reduce food waste

When planning an event, it’s all-too easy to overdo it with the catering – it happens. To reduce waste, make sure you get an accurate guest count so you can judge how many mimosas will be too many, and make sure to include plenty of veggie and vegan options for your guests.


#6 Reduce event waste

To plan with sustainability in mind, reduce the amount of plastic packaging and plates that you use, and make sure to use different bins for recycling and landfill.


#7 Keep it up!

Being a green crusader isn’t easy – but we got this! If you can, appoint someone on your team to lead the sustainability efforts throughout the planning process. If you’re in need of a helping hand behind the scenes, our team at this is LESTER have perfected the art of micromanaging. We combine meticulous planning with our passion as artists to give you and your guests a seamless experience. To see what we’re all about, please hit us up.

How to Engage Millennials at Your Next Brand Event

Millennials are savvy when it comes to marketing. They’ve got their ad blockers on, skip every commercial, and are generally dismissive of traditional marketing efforts. But we get it- it’s a big, bad world out there. Who can blame them for being wary of marketing from big corporations that spill oil, kill trees and damage the planet?

Millennials are influencing consumer-brand relationships unlike any other generation, and they’re forcing brands to rethink marketing strategies. With a budding sense of adventure and a desire for excitement, millennials are attracted to brands that are powerful, passionate, and pack a punch! Whether it’s a branded VIP party, an exclusive sneak peak, or an edgy-chic Soho exhibition, an event is a great way to share your brand with the millennial ‘it’ crowd. Here’s how to ignite engagement at your brand experience and hit all the right notes.

Know what your company stands for

A brand should always convey honesty, transparency and authenticity in everything it does. Millennials have an uncanny ability to spot a phony from a mile off, and they won’t stick around if a brand’s message appears to be inconsistent. To connect with millennials on a deeper level, you need to be sincere and honest about your actions and intentions. It’s important to challenge your own mindset, think outside the box, and align your message with something that truly matters.

Honesty goes a long way, and earlier in the year we teamed up with Journelle for their Valentine’s day Flower Bomb Campaign to showcase what an amazing and genuine brand they are. Our handsome cupids took to the streets of NYC on custom made flower-bikes to hand out smiles, bouquets, winks and Valentine’s wishes.

Was it simple? Yes. But that was the beauty of it! Our stunt was sincere, genuine and designed purely to spread the love – for the people of NYC and for Journelle!

Inject a dose of goodness into the world

Millennials value inclusivity, equality, diversity and social justice, and expect brands to be inclusive regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or physical ability. In fact, millennials are far more likely to engage with brands who integrate corporate social responsibility into their business models. They’re paying attention to how you create products and the impact you have on the world.

We love how passionate millennials are about social change. While they’re checking your brand, it’s important that you check yourself too! Are you socially responsible? And does your content reflect diversity and inclusivity across the board?

Mega corporations like Starbucks, Google and Ben and Jerry’s are all on a mission to make the world a better place. So, find a cause that your brand truly believes in, and demonstrate that you’re dedicated to doing good.

Let the consumers do the talking

So, you’ve got a great brand. You’ve got a great ethos. And you’re creating genuine and memorable experiences for your consumers. Yay – what’s next?

Instead of marketing your brand at your audience, join forces and market with them. Millennials trust fellow consumer opinions, so encourage your consumers to share their own experiences with your brand online. For a little incentive, we love handing out exclusive freebies and brand giveaways at our events – it’s all about adding that personal touch!

Millennials are not unreachable. They’re switched on, and keen to connect with authentic brands that value genuine consumer-brand relationships over sales. Here at this is LESTER, we get millennials. We work with them, we are them, and we know just how to connect with them. Did we mention we also specialize in throwing out of this world brand experiences? So please get in contact, We’d love to discuss all things millennial.

Maximise the ROI of Your Brand Experience

We know that brand experiences aren’t cheap. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth every penny.

Done right, physical experiences are much more of a worthy investment than digital experiences. They have the potential to reach a wider audience, deliver a higher Return on Investment, and create amazing in-person engagements. By extending the life of carefully crafted, one-off stunts, it’s easy to maximise the ROI of an experiential event, and reap long-term benefits. Here’s how:

#1 Make a great lasting impression

We love to reminisce, and share our favourite experiential event gems with our friends and followers. While we love our work, it’s important that consumers love it more. To continue leveraging social engagements, and getting post-event ROI, we make sure to leave guests with a final impression that will inspire them to get tweeting.

A nice gesture goes a long way! By making a quick speech thanking guests for coming, or having staff saying goodbye to them individually at exists, you can give your attendees that final little buzz. Gift bags or brand merchandise giveaways are also great for creating great last impressions (but more on that another time…).

#2 Make shareable content

Live events combined with social engagements are like the golden ticket when it comes to a brand’s ROI. Post-event tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts will continue to strengthen your (already budding!) relationship with guests – and expose your brand to a whole new audience.

To create amazing content, always make sure that it fits in with the objectives of your event, and that it will enrich your consumer’s life in some way. Content with quality, relevant images and videos unsurprisingly gets shared a whole lot more than blurry snaps, so don’t scrimp on a great photographer or videographer.

#3 Track your earned media

We love self-love! By all means, blog about the success of your event to your hearts content. However, if you’re the only one talking about your event online, your message will soon fail to resonate with your audience.

Try gaining the attention of the press to really maximise your ROI. All it takes is telling the right story to the right editors and bloggers. Then, you can track the number of articles that mention your event, and see how many people your earned media efforts are reaching.

#4 Measure your brand experience

There’s a widespread rumour that experiential isn’t measurable.


The truth is, brand experiences are easy to evaluate and analyse, so long as you develop a clear measurement strategy from the start. Dig into your business goals, and think about the effect you want the event to have on brand awareness and advocacy. Then, with an end goal in mind, you can measure attendee participation, social activity, leads and conversation ratios, and get rewarding and rich customer data.

Here at this is LESTER, we develop long-term brand strategies that make sure you get maximum use out of your brand experience. We design events with intention, and use our creativity to exceed your business goals and expectations. To talk all things business, or to get creative, please get in contact! We also create awesome post-event content- just check out our reel.

Brand Experiences: Why Bother?

From global experiential marketing campaigns, to intimate, exclusive affairs, experiential is everywhere. And we’re over the moon that everyone is suddenly catching on to the best marketing strategy around.

Besides allowing us to satisfy our insatiable creative cravings, the brand experience delivers an excellent and long-term Return on Investment. Here’s why brand experiences matter, and why they deserve the hype they’re getting.

You can create a cohesive brand image

Consumers are smart. They’re freethinkers. So hiding behind a computer screen telling them how great a brand is just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you need to show them.

A brand’s reputation is defined by the positive and negative experiences of customers at every touch point. Which means that every single touchpoint matters.

Contrary to the old (and wise!) “don’t judge a book by its cover” phrase, your company is scrutinized from cover to cover everyday. It’s important to match a flawless real-life service with a brand’s online excellence to create a cohesive, positive image of a brand. If there’s a disconnect between the advertised message and the consumer’s actual experience, then it’s game over.

You’ll create a genuine customer-brand bond, that will greatly leverage your brand

We’re all driven by experiences – from great ones, to ones that still make us cringe to this day. We use experiences to help us determine our favourite people, restaurants, cities – and brands. In fact, consumers today value experiences over material possessions (and rightly so!).

By creating enriching, memorable consumer-brand interactions that your consumers can capture and share, you’ll nail the customer experience, and prove that you’re a brand that just gets it.

FYI, remember that every new positive interaction changes the way people think. It’s never too late to improve a brand experience!

And, you’ll garner great long-term ROI

We know that planning and executing a successful brand experience is not a cheap venture, but it’s worth every penny. Brand experiences blow traditional advertising channels out of the water- and deliver the greatest long-term ROI.

After an experience, 98% of consumers are more inclined to buy your product or use your services, and 65% of marketers see a direct sales boost from experiential marketing. And they’re the kind of figures we can get behind!

While these experiences usually only involve a few hundred or thousand people, never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

If you give guests something worth talking about, they’ll share their experience with an average of 17 people. These people then tell another 1.5, and the snowballing continues. This organic promotion is completely free (yay!), and the most rewarding and valuable adverting medium, as consumers trust their friends.

Getting that mega brand recognition doesn’t happen overnight. A kickass brand experience takes a lot of meticulous planning. But sweating the small stuff is what we do! Here at this is LESTER, we honour our creativity every step of the way, and design killer experiences that garner great long-term results. Drop us an email or give us a bell for anything experiential- we’d love to get started on something great!

How to Get Started with Experiential Marketing Campaigns


Brand events and other work related dos have got something of a bad rep. You know the ones we’re talking about – stuffy conference rooms, name badges, and a weird mix of cheese and pineapple canapés!

Well, the days of awkward event small talk are over!! Experiential marketing is blowing up right now, and it can be your most powerful tool to transform your events or marketing campaigns from nada to Prada. Done well, you can create the most badass, creative experience for your audience that will completely bowl them over and increase their affinity to your brand. Win win, right?

We’re not claiming that the following pearls of wisdom are going to magically transform you into an experiential design guru. Nevertheless, there are a few basics you can, nay, SHOULD, learn before you dive into creating an immersive and unforgettable brand experience.

#1 What’s the point?

If you’ve pulled your hair out trying to put an event or campaign together chances are you started out without identifying a clear goal. We know experiential design is having a moment, but jumping on the bandwagon just to blend in could seriously backfire or at least cost you a pretty penny and not give you a lot in return.

Instead, develop a strategy and have a clear vision in your mind. Sit yourself down and ask what you hope to achieve, and the lasting impact you want this experience to have. Nailing down the prime objective will help you in deciding how best to promote your product, service or brand.

As an example, if your goal is to prove how comfortable your new super amazing bowling shoe is, then giving people a chance to try the shoe seems like a logical way to showcase this benefit. Perhaps a pop-up bowling lane at a popular sporting event where people can try the shoe for themselves.

Alternatively, if the goal is to convince people your bowling shoe is indestructible – perhaps a demonstration with fire may be more appropriate.

Once you have a concept and core message, the rest of the glitz and glamour can follow.


#2 Don’t be afraid to get creative

You definitely want your brand experience to be a stand out event. So don’t hesitate to get a little crazy.

For our project with Task Rabbit, an online marketplace for handymen services, we built a tiny home in 72 hours right in the middle of New York’s Meatpacking District. It was disruptive, informative and generated a lot of positive interest. Including some fabulous free publicity from awesome publications like CNN Money and inhabitat. In the end our beautiful tiny home was auctioned off raising $26K for charity.

This entirely unique project was a huge success and showcased Task Rabbit’s offerings perfectly while building brand awareness and interest. A little creativity can go a long way so try to think outside the box.


#3 Get techy with it

The physical and digital worlds are no longer mutually exclusive – don’t we live in amazing times?? Technological installations are a great way to fully immerse your guests in the experience you’ve created, and captivate all of their senses.

We honestly live for augmented and virtual reality experiences. They’re really cool and deliver high emotional engagement, which means they’re pretty great for creating memorable brand experiences. You can decide how intrusive you want these to be at your event: go low-key with a VR game in the corner, or take note from Rihanna’s recent Savage X Fenty launch and go full on extra with holographic installations of yourself all over the venue – we won’t judge.


#4 Spread the love

The most realistic and immersive experiences get the greatest emotional response, so give your guests a valuable takeaway and create an overwhelmingly positive lasting impression.

We’re not saying make it so emotional that they start weeping, but if they leave feeling their lives have been enriched in some way, you will have improved their connection with your brand and got yourself some loyal supporters. Pay attention to every little detail so your attendees have a smooth and untarnished experience.


#5 Trust the Pros

This might all sound like a lot. But, in the famous words of the king of pop MJ, “You are not alone”. Here at this is LESTER, our teams in LA and New York are experiential marketing masterminds. We specialize in creating unforgettable, extraordinary design concepts and branded experiences, and can help turn your simple ideas into jaw-dropping events and creations. If you’re ready to get creative, inspired, and maybe a lil wild, we would LOVE to hear from you. You can also check out some of our previous work here.


We are a team of artists first. Creativity is our lifeblood. We use our propirary tried and true turn-key production practices paired with unparalleled unique creative solutions. 

We partner with you to design & create incredible artistic experiences that get noticed – and shared!  Think of us an extension of your team. We’ll ride alongside to bring your wildest creative ideas to life. Our work has proven to garner tremendous engagement. 

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First and foremost, we’re a team of creatives that think in terms of what could be, not what has come before.

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We’ve been in the business 15 years. We know what it takes to make an experience go off without a hitch. We sweat the small stuff and are pedantic when it comes to production.

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