this is our Digital Integration & Influencer Programs

The physical and digital worlds are no longer mutually exclusive – don’t we live in amazing times?! In a world where image is shaped and influenced by social media, your brand needs to shine in the online space surrounding your event. Keeping up with social media can sometimes feel like a full time job… but oh does it deliver!

We use digital integration and influencer programs to plug events and get people talking – both in the real and virtual world. In the lead up to go-time, we kick it into high gear and become your own personal megaphone.

Digital Integration

While it’s impossible to hear all the raves and praise while your event is going on – OF COURSE you want to hear it all. Luckily, most of the conversation about your brand experience occurs online, and that means you get to be a part of the action.

We want to connect you with people outside of the four walls of a venue. We navigate social media with ease to optimize events, and have launched incredibly successful online campaigns (and some punny hashtags to match). We design brand experiences that resonate with audiences and reverberate across media channels.

Influencer Programs

Influencer programs are one of the best strategies to make sure people know what you’ve got going on. Here at this is LESTER, we have worked with some of the most amazing, empowering, and creative influencers in the game. And we can hook you up!

While many of today’s social media influencers boast about numbers of likes and followers, we know that true value doesn’t come from vanity metrics. As well as big-names, we also work with micro-influencers to target niche audiences in authentic ways.

We can connect you with inspiring individuals who are perfectly suited to your brand, and we will negotiate the process to help spread your message to a wider, yet tailored audience.


We are a team of artists first. Creativity is our lifeblood. We use our propirary tried and true turn-key production practices paired with unparalleled unique creative solutions. 

We partner with you to design & create incredible artistic experiences that get noticed – and shared!  Think of us an extension of your team. We’ll ride alongside to bring your wildest creative ideas to life. Our work has proven to garner tremendous engagement. 

this is Dreaming

First and foremost, we’re a team of creatives that think in terms of what could be, not what has come before.

this is Doing

We’ve been in the business 15 years. We know what it takes to make an experience go off without a hitch. We sweat the small stuff and are pedantic when it comes to production.

this is Real

We show up to our work with all that we’ve got. We’re raw, real and brimming with passion for what we do and a commitment to honoring our creativity… and having fun a little fun as we go.

this is Connected

We don’t work in a vacuum. We get off on collaborating with top artists, originators and influencers to heighten the creative vision.


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