The Benefits of Brand Giveaways

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// Date: August 28, 2018


Consumers LOVE giveaways. And seeing as they offer a unique, exciting and innovative way for brands to stand out from the crowd- we love them too! In the US, 8 out of 10 consumers have up to 10 promotional products somewhere in their home. High-quality products entice and attract recipients (for obvious reasons), and are a cost-effective and nifty way to encourage consumer loyalty. If you want to maximize brand awareness and make sure the world knows of all the wonderful things you have to offer, brand giveaways will do just the trick. Here’s why:

Giveaways create lasting impressions

When you spend on traditional or online advertising you pay per impression, or per click. These adverts may lead to a few sales, but it’s unlikely they’re going to resonate with your audience.

With giveaways, it’s a different story. The irresistible treats and freebies that you gift to consumers will have much more impact than any advertisement. Provided your products are useful, high-quality, and have a unique flair and a little pizazz, they will almost certainly secure an exclusive spot inside someone’s home, car or workspace. By having your brand constantly represented in your consumers daily lives, anyone in visual range will be immediately reminded of it – especially if you decorate your product or samples with your brand’s own signature style.

They’re a safe and affordable option

Small businesses can be reluctant to take risks. And we get it. Unlike other forms of marketing however, giveaways are a safe and inexpensive marketing technique that hold very few nasty surprises. Before you begin, it’s easy to pre-determine the budget simply by working out the cost of the prize, and how much you spend marketing it. With low expenses and fantastically high impact, even the littlest freebies serve up a generous ROI – and amen to that!

They help to grow your business

If you really want to leave a lasting impression with both new and existing consumers, business cards probably won’t quite do the trick.

Similar to a business card, giveaways provide all the necessary details and contact information about your brand. However, they also allow you to create a totally unique and creative experience for your consumers that will really set you above your competitors. They open the door to a whole load of brand visibility, brand advocacy and a healthy dose of excitement.

They encourage consumer loyalty

Ideally, a brand wants all of its consumers to feel valued.  So what better way to spread the love than with a meaningful and generous gift? Giveaways help brands to go above and beyond when demonstrating their appreciation for their loyal consumers. In return, giveaways spark genuine engagement with new customers and inspire consumer loyalty. Just remember that consumers will associate how kickass your gift is with the caliber of your brand, so give out high-quality, dazzling gifts that truly represent your brand and everything that it stands for.

Here at this is LESTER, we’re an experiential and event marketing agency based in New York and LA that’s dedicated to spreading the love. We blend generosity and a whopping dollop of creativity to create brand giveaways that have an impact, on both consumers and brands – connect with us to find out more!


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